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Stay tuned and check back frequently as we build out our events series and bring you the best in experiential content focused on the Internet of Senses.

Through our curated series of virtual and in-person events, you’ll have a front-row seat to the latest innovations and technology related to hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. Our events will feature top educators, corporate and government leaders, entrepreneurs and investors, scientists and researchers, thought leaders and influencers, and media experienced in the sensory tech space. Through our event series, we will guide the conversation around the Internet of Senses as it evolves and flourishes. 


Our events are playgrounds for ideas. We ensure open dialogue by including key players from a diverse assortment of sectors. Communication between thought leaders from disparate fields leads to fresh insights and new possibilities, and an environment where ideas are both welcomed and challenged.


We celebrate risk-takers, whether they be researchers tackling difficult problems in the lab or entrepreneurs disrupting the status quo in the market. For those who want to be on the vanguard of technological change and access the latest advances in the Internet of Senses, our events are the premier place to be.


Every ecosystem thrives on relationships, and the Internet of Senses is no different. We connect startups with investors, researchers with corporate innovators, and policymakers with industry experts. At the Internet of Senses Institute, we invite you to discover what is possible through collaboration.

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